April 30, 2008


April 28, 2008


A butterfly posing to camera

April 26, 2008

 Lofty Sunbath

An Agama lizard on rock at sunny hot Negev morning

I am watching this lizard for a long time - two years or even more - but only today i finally had a chance to photograph him (her?): they're very sensible to any moving object and run away very fast.
Anyway, it became real thanks to my dad who knows when and why to keep still.

April 24, 2008


Macro shot of succulent flower
Don't know what this one is. When asked here I've got a descriptive answer: «Something!» :)

April 23, 2008


Calm cat looking straight at the camera
One of our cats, very unpleased by the fact that I am photographing her. :)
Taken this evening from inside the house using SB-600 at -1.7 EV.

April 20, 2008


Antirrhinum flowers
Antirrhinum flowers. I used an SB-600 to counterbalance strong sun backlight.

April 19, 2008

 Thorny Beauty

Thistle (Carduus L.) flower shot in bright morning
Thistle (Carduus L.) flower shot in bright morning.
Listening to: King Crimson - Coda: Marine 475

April 18, 2008


This one was made just before the previous photograph, when the sun was a bit higher. Still used SB-600 to light up the lower part of the scene.


 Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus
Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus. This one was taken on sunset. I used an SB-600 set to -1.3 EV to light up the flowers when leaving the background dark.


April 16, 2008


Spider on a lavender flower
Spider on a lavender flower. This is a closer look at the dude from my «Natural Selection» photo.
Taken in evening just after sunset with SB-600 at -1.0 EV.

 The Night Watch

The night life in our garden.
Shot in darkness (4.30 AM) using SB-600. Yes, i know that the first one looks too dark, but i like it this way.

Toad at night

Toad at night

Toad at night


White dog's portrait
Just some friendly dog i met when walking around.

April 15, 2008


Listening to: Ott - The Queen of All Everything

April 14, 2008

 Fly's Family

Listening to: Younger Brother - All I Want (Original Mix)

April 13, 2008

 Natural Selection

I tried to capture this bee on white rose flowers, but the wind was too strong and disturbing. I almost gave up when the predator appeared. Then i witnessed this very dramatic scene.

April 7, 2008


Blue butterfly sitting on sprig

April 4, 2008


A dragonfly dying on roadside
A flight went bad.
Taken on roadside, i think it was hit by some truck.

April 3, 2008


Salvia officinalis.

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